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    2011 - 10.01

    Yarr, so ye need directions, do ye? Have a gander at the map below and steer a course for the harbor that suits ye

    Research Vessel ''Inner Spaces'' // photography ''Outer Spaces'' // photography the Island of ''The Expanded Universe'' // photograpghy her Royal Majesty's Ship ''Organics'' // photography giant slideshow of ALL photography My Timelapse Videography all blog posts tagged ''LOUDSPEAKERS'' all blog posts tagged ''MODEL RAILROADING'' all blog posts tagged ''fans'' // fan collecting // weirdness interviews with people I dig Sailing Ship ''Trumpet'' // live performance on horn electronic music // Reason compositions mixsets: heady downtempo // vintage funk // deep house // psychedelic breaks The starting point for all things Photography related the Isle of Cassettes // jumping off point for all things MUSIC related Primo Vino Art: photographs of cool wine labels The Poetic Fable of Eloquence // playing with words // poetical happenings all blog posts tagged ''DIY'' // do-it-yourself wood pulp for your fingertips // ink patterns for your retinas // the full microcosmologial analog experience Video Island // jumping off point for all things VIDEOGRAPICAL // moving pictures blog postings featuring the Canon 50mm f/1.8 ''fantastic plastic'' lens, aka ''the nifty fifty'' all blog posts tagged ''COSMOLOGY'' the all-consuming blog // including navbar + music player for earcandy jams // HOME the etcetera page, encompassing all minor minutia and humble beginnings all posts on the blog tagged ''VIDEO GAMES'' // just an 8-bit octopus PLAY the ''Late Nite Chill on the Lake'' downtempo mix in the mp3 player // download under Fire-breathing Mixsets of fury PLAY the ''The 70's Cactus Vinyl Funk Mixtape'' in the mp3 player // download under Fire-breathing Mixsets of fury PLAY the Electro-Acoustic Workshop jam session in the mp3 player // download under S.S. Trumpet


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