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    2011 - 01.07

    As of today, the “words” section of the site is what I’d call “operational”. I’d been brainstorming for neat ideas of how to organize my poetics, and finally it came to me: a periodic table. Sold. A collection of categorized building blocks that form the world around us… Yes.

    As of now there are 37 “elements.” I’ll need 118 to fill it up completely, which ought to take me a while, and that’s a good thing. The plan is to use this as a device to motivate myself to write more in 2011. I’m not huge on new year’s resolutions, but if I had one, writing more would be a good one. I imagine the snapshot shown here will be awesome to look back upon, months from now when the table is more populated.

    I definitely could have filled up the table right now. There’s probably around a thousand poems in my archives, but I decided that I’d rather be choosy about what goes up, and leave the rest open as a challenge to myself. If I can fill it before the end of this year, I think I will have done well. The flash for the table took a long time to make, with a mind-numbing amount of copying and pasting. About maybe 4 hours? I hope to add a few extra touches on the flash itself in the future… Stay tuned!

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