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    2010 - 12.01

    First time here?


    Beginner’s mind is a gift. I am glad that you’re here, and excited about your beginners mind for the things you’ll find on these webpages.

    This site is an exploration of microcosms. Tiny universes. Photographic exploration, musical exploration. Explorations of the soul and the intellect. A single photo can contain a tiny universe. A series of notes can too, with the myriad complexities of minor fluctuations of intonations, interplay between instruments, performers. I hope to fill this space with a voluminous amount of text, exploring the work of people, both myself and others, contemplating our plights, the significance of our ideas, and the path forward through our own microcosms.

    Inside each one of these tiny universes is an endless regress into bottomless subtlety. This complexity is everywhere. The dust, settling in the very room you are in, right now, is governed by complex airflows. The warmth from your breath, the cold radiating from icecubes in your glass, the heat exhaust from appliances. All of these affect the path of a single mote of dust, suspended in the air for days, even weeks at a time. Plotting the trajectories, predicting future paths of each dust particle in even a small room is a feat that cannot be achieved. Even in your closet, there floats an unknowable ocean of complexity and intricacy.

    All microcosms have unique tones, unique shades. A song that sticks in your head as you walk into the grocery store is a narrow band of color from the larger prism splitting reality into components. Inside each band is a continuum of evolution, always shifting and changing. Most of the time in barely noticeable hues, but once and a while in sporadic leaps. All these separate elements, while seemingly disparate, combine to form an enveloping, cohesive whole that is our lives, our thoughts & perceptions, as a rainbow of colored light combines to create white. All the separate wavelengths add up to form the convolution of pieces, the combined spectrum like effervescent froth on a crashing shoreline where all contents mix together. Fizzing, intermingling, reacting, bursting with infusions, sparking and crackling.

    This is a place for imagination to wildly speculate of cities built on clouds, where speakers pipe in melodies nearly forgotten from long ago, the aftertaste of pillowcase whispers into earlobes of the dreaming. It’s an intersection of musings, where the traffic of neurons unites briefly along the paths of their wide loops, like a chance meeting of comets in the innermost solar system, before they arc off into the wide expanse of open space, never returning until eons later.

    Pause with me for one moment.


    I’m delighted you’re here, to conspire with me on adventures of exploration among the microcosms which make up our worlds. We are all Microcosmologists, studying to understand and master some small corner of the whole.

    Thank you for joining forces with me here, if only for a small moment of your day.

    If you’re looking for a place to start, the microcosmic taste maker says begin here:

    some cool photography

    hit play on the player above at right (click HOME in the navigation panel at right if you don’t have the navigation frame or music player)
    or, for a cool mixset to download right now, right click and “save target as” to get the the Psychedeliante Mixset

    Three thought provoking, long blog posts:

    “The Spiritual Uplift of Infinity”
    “One billion trans-cosmic years in love”
    “Cicadas in the forest of the universe”

    Definitely check out the Periodic Table of Poetics

    mixed media (paintings, vector art, drawings) coming soon…
    podcasts, coming soon…

    If you like the vibe here, consider subscribing to the RSS feed to keep yourself in the loop as the site grows.

    And lastly,

    thank you again for visiting. I hope you carry away something from here when you stand up and walk away from this screen.

    3 Responses to “First time here?”


      thank you very much for the very important an soulful work done here— it is FANTASTIC! AND THE GRAND MUSIC, PICS… ALL ONE CAN VIEW… A LOT OF WORK DONE HERE… THE POETRY, the Philosophy, the broader perspective… incredible work! very much appreciated! if there is a newsletter– it`d be fabulous to read it! i would love to share this everywhere! thank you, and Blessings!

    2. Jon says:

      cool site! bookmarked for news/updates, tutorial, possibilities and of course having fun with the stars.

    3. Wonderful website, which I expect to peruse thoroughly. George R. Stewart would also have enjoyed it.


      “Space Ranger” Don Scott

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