Esoteric Sandwiches

esoteric sandwiches
aka my secret weakness

apples don't belong in a croissant
with goat cheese and turkey.

(Yes I'd like that toasted please)

crab cake with avocado?
I'd like to try that one sometime
but oh shit, what is this--
aeoli sauce with cranberries!

That's crazy, who thought of this?

(under my breath) "I think I might have to get that."

advanced manoeuvres, holmes
sweet versus savory battle royale
     with cheese!
        (arms raised in triumph)

somewhere in the back kitchen
a chefs assistant screams in horror
    "NO--you can't do that!!"
as an evil laugh of insanity crescendos
my perfect creation rises
piled high with disparities

sizzling from the panini press
and punctured with a toothpick
one of those with the little colored
plastic frilly thing on the end, I like those

charge me whatever you want
I must taste this sworcery