Only the best ones and zeros go into my electronic craftings. Made with Reason, over slow timescales and spit-shined. Right click and choose "Save Target As" to download. All music copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved. Contact me if you wish to use any of it for whatever purpose. I will almost certainly be open to it.

The Freshest New Cuts

(2011) These tracks are works currently in progress or finished pieces that are still too new to find their way into albums or compilations. They're offered on a limited-time basis only, and are subject to change, removal, or any other whim of the artist. Grab them whilst you may!

     Trip Hop in Slow Motion on the Beach
     Siberian Beats at 35,000 Feet
     To Feel Good v4.2

Growth Patterns Through Time Lapse

(2010) This disc showcases some of the highlights of my production between the years of 2002-2008. Ranging in genre from ambient to drum and bass, and from big beat to trip hop, the album incorporates plenty of recorded sounds as well as a wide palette of electronic sounds. Some of the recorded sounds incorporated as rhythmic elements in the compositions are bike tire pumps, train cars, the lid of a ball jar, old apple computers, with many other sounds interspersed throughout. Musique concrète meets electronic beats. 73 minutes playtime, published by Dig This! Records, copyright 2011. Available on iTunes and Amazon

     01. Route of the Streamliners
     02. Heavy Artillery
     03. Big Rig
     04. Dark Hallways
     05. Low Earth Orbit (Full Length Edit)
     06. Spaceship Muzak and the Relativistic Centipede
     07. Peruvian Black Magic
     08. Bright Sunshine, Venetian Blinds
     09. L33+ Haxor's 4n+h3m!
     10. Autumn
     11. New Jar Love
     12. Low Earth Orbit (Reprise)
     13. Big Time

Trip Into the Dreamscape

(2004) This continuous mix concept album was created to study the interaction between music you have created yourself and your dreams, especially in the context of lucid dreaming. It begins with a long climb out of gentle ambient territory to allow the listener to fall asleep while listening, progressing into minimal electronica. The overall work incorporates many live instrumentalists combined with synthesized sounds and a slew of samples chosen for their relevance in awakening the dreamer into lucidity within their dream. This album is intended to be listened to while falling asleep and while dreaming. Recommended for headphones (best levels). 74 minutes playtime, published by Dig This! Records, copyright 2011. Available on iTunes and Amazon

     01. Opening Scene
     02. The World You Know
     03. Free Your Mind
     04. Not Out Yet
     05. Letting Go
     06. John's Theme
     07. Fade In
     08. Beyond Twilight
     09. Interlude
     10. Deep
     11. Dodge This!
     12. I Still Have Hope
     13. Keeping it to Myself
     14. Metal & Orange Skies

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