Iím proud to present, my first book, The Gigantic Spaces of Your Playgrounds.

This work is an anthology of poetry ten years in the making. From well over a thousand pieces, Iíve culled my favorites and assembled them in this meticulously crafted volume of wood pulp for your fingertips & ink patterns for your retinas. As wonderful as electronic media is, there is some inherent pleasure reading text from paper that you can dog-ear, scribble on, and easily take anywhere with no fear of battery life or rain. It pleases me greatly to have something to offer in this medium.

Inside these pages Iíve done my best to spin a rich offering of wide tonality, with painstaking attention to detail in formatting, craft, and arrangement. Since poetry doesnít always come naturally to even the best among us, Iíve included extensive footnotes with stories to help the subtle poems marinate in your mind, and clarifying details providing extra meat to chew when the main course is done.

For your sampling enjoyment some pieces currently here on the Poetic Table are also contained within this book. See Elements #1-37 (minus 3,7,18, and plus 52)

It is my hope that those of you who enjoy the writing and the art on this site will consider picking up a copy of this volume I genuinely put my most dedicated effort into.


From the Amazon.com description:

Straddling the divide between a scientistís life and a musicianís life, the themes explored range from anti-establishment riffing to math-nerd geek outs, from eastern philosophy to psychedelic experimentation, all while spanning locations as diverse as dirty back-alley jazz clubs to spotless lab-coat-wearing research facilities in a journey literally around the globe and back. Toss in a trifecta of long-term lovers for seasoning, a colorful cast of friends as bedrock, run the whole shebang through a wordsmithing filter and this book is what pops out. Extensive footnotes flesh out the expanded universe of the stories behind the pieces and fifteen chapters with photos break the volume into digestible increments. Irreverent satire, heartbreak, soul-searching, social critique, and steamy love in a heavy sauce of wonder and curiosity; itís all here.

252 pages, paperback. Published May 2010.

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