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  • There are multitudes and multitudes of stars inside our galaxy

    2011 - 05.12

    See for yourself:

    A little photo essay collage thing of the new fan. Yes, that’s right spacefans, a fan called the galaxy. It might even be sweeter than that other one I detailed before.

    This 16″ galaxy fan is powerful. And it makes a great blade sound, like a large propeller plane. When you press one of the piano key speed selectors it makes a click similar to an old cassette deck.  Majorly diggin the style on this thing.  Just in time for the hot weather!

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    2 Responses to “There are multitudes and multitudes of stars inside our galaxy”

    1. Katie says:

      Ya know, I can’t say I’m into the 80’s fans like you are, but those pictures kinda make me see what you see in them. Plus I’ve never seen a fan that free of gunky fan-dust. Sparklin!

      • Gunky… man, I miss your lexicon :)

        I’ve actually got the 12″ identical twin to this fan at work and I ‘scope it out’ like everytime I come back into my office. Admittedly, it’s a bit silly. I don’t claim to understand what it is that makes people find aesthetics in such random objects, but I do dig the piano keys for sure. I think any musician can buy into that!