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  • “The world is turning pages, while I am just sitting here”

    2012 - 08.19

    Been a while since the last post; got a few in the works, but you know, logjams.

    Anyway, check out this Tama Impala song from their next album due in October.  Their first album, Innerspeaker, was so damn good that I really had very low hopes their new album could live up to the same level.  This tune does give me hope though.  Even if the rest of the album is throwaway, this tune is a huge number.  With some great lyrics that are both whimsical and deep in the same breath…


    I’m a sucker for that long, drawn-out, epic ending.  Sort of like “Where the River Goes” by Stone Temple Pilots, off that landmark album, Core.

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    2 Responses to ““The world is turning pages, while I am just sitting here””

      • that is a pretty hot jam. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what the new release is going to sound like. Innerspeaker was one of my favorite discoveries of the last year or so…