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  • the art of overstatement

    2011 - 01.24

    I really love it when people use the word amazing to describe something which is clearly not all that amazing. I mean, hyperbole abounds even in the average conversation, but there’s something about the word “amazing” that adds to the humor of gross exaggerations for me. Another one that cracks me up maybe even more, simply because it gets thrown around less is “phenomenal.”

    I was once on the phone with a customer service rep, giving her my contact information for some kind of mundane thing like setting up automated bill pay, and I remember she kept using these superlatives every time I gave her a piece of information. After entering in my mailing address she said “Alright. Phenomenal.” Then moved on to the next inquiry. I had to laugh in the middle of our phone call.

    I wondered to myself, ‘What about my address was just such a compelling phenomenon? Was the number somehow significant to her by some odd coincidence, like a birth date or major life event?’ Something told me, no. By the ample amount of excessive adjectives in our conversation, it’s a safe bet she spoke like that all the time. I bet her night at the bar last night was “unbelievable.” That game of beer-pong–“EPIC.” And this one joke the bartender told? A-MAAAZING!



    One Response to “the art of overstatement”

    1. Sheilaa stylie says:

      Or maybe her night at the bar was “so fresh.”