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    Primo Vino Art: Black Hole

    2016 - 10.15

    Alright it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these, so here’s the bottle of wine I picked out to pair with No Man’s Sky.


    Primo Vino Art: Tic Tok

    2014 - 08.28

    IMG_5330 v2 BLOGSIZE tic toc

    Another cool but simple one.

    Primo Vino Art: V.No

    2014 - 08.25


    This label’s pretty simple compared to a lot of the others in this series, but I figured I’d include it anyway because of the lighthouse and also it’s called V.No; a ready-made answer to that age old question, whatcha drinkin?

    Primo Vino Art: Fetzer Crimson

    2014 - 03.19

    IMG_2482 v2

    Primo Vino Art: Quotation

    2014 - 02.12

    Back with another cool wine bottle.  These things go on forever.  Just like the intricate swirls in this design, or the stars inside a galaxy.

    IMG_2489 v2

    Primo Vino Art: Pendulum

    2013 - 12.23

    They also make pretty good drum n bass, look it up…


    Primo Vino Art: Rockus Bockus

    2012 - 07.09

    I totally love this frigging artwork. Bombz.

    Also, I blended 2 images together so you can see the whole label in one picture. This has the awesome side effect of looking like you’re seeing double, which you might be from this Rockus Bockus!

    Primo Vino Art: Vinaceous Snake Charmer

    2012 - 05.29

    Chillin out grillin on memorial day weekend, and I busted into a bottle of this, pretty excellent stuff!  Would get again.  I tell you those Aussies have got the Shiraz mastered.  No one else does it better.

    Primo Vino Art: Proyecto Garnachas de España

    2012 - 05.09

    A totally beautiful image on the front of this bottle.

    Here’s a more digital version, definitely from before the printing press:

    Primo Vino Art: Brazin zin

    2012 - 05.05

    A neat convergence of typography and drunkography.