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  • Primo Vino Art: Deep Purple Zinfandel

    2011 - 09.17

    Gotta break that ‘my-last-post-is-so-wicked-there’s-no-way-I-can-top-it’ funk!  Hmmm, but how?  I guess a wine label always works.  Yeah, let’s do that.

    Now this one is just awesome. I’ve been walking by it in the grocery store for a while now, and finally I decided it shouldn’t be any longer until this one gets the treatment on here.

    In the background there is a print that hangs in my living room. There’s two small skylights in the room, and the sun falls on this picture in the early day, which is pretty awesome. Here it’s lit by light painting with a desk lamp, as you can see in the top of the bottle.

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