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  • fine paisley like mandelbrot

    2011 - 01.16

    sunburst flares
    magnified, deconvoluted
    upon spectra wavelength
    chopped, split, spliced
    reconstitued, & noise filtered

    grasped with warm
    nearly-sweating anxious palms
    of blossoming love’s first

    divine vector pattern explosions
    miniscule star filter artifactings
    revolve non-linear focus-pulls
    densely populated in unpredictable
    differential units
    along our revolution’s arc

    the bokeh of horse-hair strings
    with richness of three cent detuning
    sprayed in gradients & layered thick
    cloned in petri dishes then
    composite imaged

    twenty-first generation
    eleventh remix
    sum totaled obscurities for
    distillation refinement
    over wide timescales

    eclectic nostalgia
    eased in and hit with a firm lock
    into multithreaded collusions
    99 ways to analyze &
    99 angles to percieve

    we have moved beyond the saturation knob
    into the thousand-dial selective colour
    blowing the tones into a billion
    points of nuance sprinkled within
    fine paisley like mandelbrot


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