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    Meet the Pacific Rose Apple

    2010 - 12.25

    The first apple I decided to try was the pacific rose apple. It’s slightly pinkish in color, like a red apple with a hint of a pink lady apple in there somewhere. It’s definitely sweet, not very much tartness to it at all. One lovely thing about this apple is that it is thoroughly crunchy. It’s about as crunchy of an apple as I’d enjoy, I believe. Anything moreso would get fatiguing. This property alone sets it as a desirable specimen.

    I busted out the apple slicer to cut it into 8ths and toss the core. Ignoring the advice of that sign in the store, I do think that sliced is really is the most enjoyable way to eat an apple. I’ll probably use it for the rest of the others to come.

    I’d most definitely get this type again, although it remains to be seen how long they’ll be around for. Is it something I’d eat everyday? Yeah, it may be. I doubt I’d be able to find them in Organic.

    sweetness: 8
    tartness: 2
    juiciness: 6
    crunchy inside: 8
    crisp shell: 9

    As before, photo with the new fifty!  Lovin this thing.  Framed the apple with some delicious looking bok-choy.

    Meet the Piñata Apple

    2010 - 12.24

    The Piñata apple was one I’d never tried until now and I’m not sure if I’d get it again. From the exterior, things looked good: large size but not overly giant, nice red color, and a sturdy stem up top. Taking a bite, the inside is a light yellow(not white), and the texture is crunchy as can be. It’s a bit too crunchy on the inside for my taste. The flavor is certainly more on the tart side than the sweet side, although it is not completely devoid of sweetness. It was available as an organic, and based on the looks, I got 5 of them, for my weekday lunch. I think my standby of Gala might have been a better choice, but I’ll keep eating these and give them a chance.

    Update: as the week went on, I did get one that was sweeter.  It did redeem the Piñata slightly, although I think the majority of these are probably more on the tart side.  All in all, I’d say they are a decent apple, but there are much better ones for my taste.

    tartness: 8
    sweetness: 4
    juicyness: 4
    crunchy inside: 9.5
    crisp shell: 8

    I took this picture with my new 50mm Canon f/1.8, with a setting of 1/4th sec. f/11 @ ISO 100.  Tripod mounted in the kitchen.  Tweaked white balance with Curves in Photoshop.  Only minor selective color.  Didn’t need much adjustment.

    Apple a day

    2010 - 12.18

    I’m a big Apple fan.  I don’t really care too much about the iPad, I tend to prefer to build my own computer, and my phone is a Droid.  But I loves me some Apples.  As an exercise with the new Fifty Millimetre, I got myself 5 different kinds of apples at the grocery store today, which I’m gonna point my new lense at, eat, and briefly describe for any interested parties.  I’d like to think I know a thing or two about good apples, since I have eaten them nearly every weekday at lunch for, geez, I’m not sure how long now.  A few years now.   To get you pumped up, here’s a lead shot, with the DroidCAM, my most modest instrument:

    “I’m doing my part!”

    2010 - 12.10

    We all need to pitch in, you know, to help the nation.