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    2011 - 11.12

    Bear Creek continues to deliver! Just finished watching the new mastersounds, who were in excellent form.  Guest appearances by Robert Walter, Skerik, Roosevelt from the lee boys and more.  Pete’s bass playing was fast and furious tonight, and Simon played those drums with aplomb. 

    Highlights of yesterday were Orgone, who put on the best show I’ve seen from them yet (I’ve seen them 4x), Soulive, and Medeski, who threw it down pretty funky.  Sometimes Medeski can get too avant/abstract for my tastes, but not last night!  Awesome set.

    Galactic had some nice crowd pleasing moments, and Stanton Moore never seems to disappoint, although their sax player still just doesn’t cut through to me.

    Eric Krazno and Chapter 2 tore it apart this morning, including an incredible rendition of the Beatles “Get Back” which culminated in a half-tempo swingin version of the refrain.  That was a treat.  Anxious to listen back to the recordings on that and tonights mastersounds.

    And there’s still more.  Egads!

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