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    2018 - 02.20

    I’ve been mentally vacillating on what the purpose of this site is to myself, for a long time now.  I used to talk a lot about space and technology on here when I first launched it, but have since backed away from that since I came to feel that other people on the web are already doing that far better than me, and I should focus on original content instead.  Since then it has been focused on music because that’s my main hobby.  My buddy Luke said I should look at it more like a journal and I think his advice was on point.

    So that said, something totally huge is happening in my life right now which I can’t not talk about: I am going to work for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the NASA OG’s who were doing rocket work before NASA even existed.  It’s genuinely blowing my mind that this is real because doing this is a fantasy come true for me.  To me JPL is like a place of power, where the best things about human kind have come into being, channeling intelligence, ingenuity, and unstoppable curiosity to see the cosmos, to know it.  So much history has happened there, so much understanding about what IS.  And to know that I get to be part of that–well the feeling is euphoric, stellar.  Honestly I have never had this sense that I’m making a big life-decision to go there, and it is unquestionably the right choice.  You pick a college, you pick a degree, you pick a place to live, you pick a car, you pick all this life-stuff and there is always doubt that maybe some other choice might have been a better one–but right now I don’t feel any of that.  There is no question life is pointing me to this, and it’s simply what I’m meant to do.

    What this means for the site, I don’t know.  Life is about to change, big time.  Mountains and ocean waves are awaiting, and eventually the LA music scene too?  Maybe I’ll write about my career more, or maybe just post about cool west coast discoveries?  Idunno.  But I do know this much: I don’t think I’ve ever felt this clear-focused or confident as I step into a new phase of life.  That has to mean something positive.

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