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    3 hours of night sky in under 30 seconds

    2011 - 10.09

    A short timelapse video I made, showing the night sky from 12:30am-3:30am.  I used 830 images to make this, and you can see the corresponding startrails images in the previous post!  Don’t forget to hit fullscreen and 1080p on the video.  A tiny preview doesn’t do the stars justice!

    I’ve wanted to get into making timelapse like this for a long time, so it’s rewarding to put one of these together.  I did a batch process on all photos in Photoshop before compiling into a video, which was an awesome idea; definitely want to do more and get better at all of this.  Check out that SKY!

    This JUST happened. 3 hours of starlight

    2011 - 10.08

    I’ve been up to my usual shenanigans tonight, which involve staying up till all unreasonable hours of the morning.  While doing so, I set out the camera and captured this sweet startrails image from 12:30-3:30am.  Saaweeeeet!

    Since the above image is actually composed of 800+ individual 10 second exposures, I also made this version which is only a short part of it; a good stretch without any clouds.  And just to keep things fresh, I flipped the canvas horizontally.  Because, ya know, why not?

    Note that clicking on either of these will unleash the 1920 x 1280 sized versions.

    Primo Vino Art: La Vendimia Rioja

    2011 - 10.06

    It’s from Spain, with an elegant, understated label, belying an elegant, understated wine. It’s actually somewhat-to-fairly awesome, and doesn’t need to be flashy. I’d get it again. Quite drinkable.

    I did get a little thumbprint of the red on the white label.  Oops.  Well that gives you an idea on color I guess.  Cheers.

    Neon Indian “Mind, Drips” live

    2011 - 10.02

    Caught Neon Indian, one of my favorite low-fi indie acts not long ago and managed to capture some cool video with the new camera.  Unfortunately the lighting in the venue was positively abysmal, even going OUT completely for the majority of their opening tune.  Not sure what was up with the power that night, but the performance was enjoyable.  See for yourself:

    Games I Like: Capsized

    2011 - 10.02

    The gameplay and the plot are both pretty simple: you’re a bold space warrior exploring the universe, when all of a sudden your ship has a catastrophic problem and everyone needs to evacuate! You and your crewmates make it to the escape pods and land on an unknown, alien planet. It’s full of lushly-illustrated vegetation and yes, scary aliens. You’ll have to shoot your way through to find your crewmates, send up a distress beacon, and hopefully escape!

    It’s a 2D platformer shoot-em up; Gameplay consists of mouseclicking like mad on anything that moves, exploring the world, and solving the occasional puzzle. Like I said, pretty straightforward. What gives this game legs is the superb visual and sound design. Seriously, it’s awesome.  The alien world around you is rich with detail and rendered in a distinctive hand-drawn style. It’s reminiscent of Machinarium, if you’ve played that. I have no idea how long it takes to create a world that looks like this, but man, it looks downright mesmerizing. I want more games that have this hand-drawn thing going.

    For an indie game made in large part by two dudes, it’s surprisingly long, and they do a good job of building up the anticipation at each turn. As simple as it is, they somehow manage to insert you into the drama fairly well; for instance I felt pretty excited to find a crashed escape pod from one of my buddies… and then pretty spooked and angry to find his dead body not far away–murdered by the smarter tribal aliens. I was like “nooo! I will avenge you my fallen brethren!” Maybe it’s the hand-drawn style, or the scarceness of fellow humans, but I felt unusually attached to my nameless space marine friends when I did find them.

    Anyway, if you’re lookin for a solid few nights worth of shoot-em-up entertainment, $10! Can’t go wrong for that price. I wholly endorse it.