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    A new chapter

    2011 - 03.10

    The TruthAh, it begins!

    Today I read on Kotaku about the first rumor-mill rumblings of casting calls for voice actors from Rockstar Games for a new project code named Rush and set in LA. It may be code named but if you read over the list of characters, you can make a pretty safe bet on what this is: the next GTA. These background murmorings are neither unexpected nor newsworthy really, but they make me happy! There are so many incredible moments from past Grand Theft Autos that I’m always looking forward to the next.

    My hopes:

    -this time around they eschew the ‘gritty realism’ in favor of the over-the-top absurdity that characterized their last GTA set in LA, San Andreas. (ie the jetpack mission, any of ‘the truth’ missions, or the clown nose you can wear)

    -the world is even more interactive (I want to operate the seaside cranes in GTA IV!).

    -airplanes and ATVs make a comeback.

    -that the main character isn’t an eternal pessimist!


    Take a ride on a solid rocket booster

    2011 - 03.06

    You may want to skip around to watch all the cool parts, like separation and splashdown, but damn, this video knocks me out.  These are some impressive views of the space shuttle Discovery in action, on its last mission.

    Just some awesome view of the sky

    2011 - 03.02

    During ongoing updates to the poetics section I swapped my background image of the Milky Way to a better image I found on wikimedia commons. Here is a cropped sample with a little photoshop sauce on it. Click the image to see the giganto-ramic original version, of which this is but one tiny section